Getting turned down for credit cards, car and boat loans and mortgages?

Tired of watching your friends and neighbors taking advantage of opportunities that you cannot because you have no access to credit?

Are you tired of having your poor credit hold you back from accomplishing your financial goals?

We have helped consumers just like you, to remove or correct inaccurate, outdated and misleading information from their credit reports as well as having educated them as to the proper use of credit through our Credit Repair program. We provide tools to help create budgets and tools to help in your financial decision making. New You Credit Repair’s goal is to improve the quality of life of our clients by helping them to establish a sound financial future.

New You’s simple credit restoration program makes it easy to get started and on the road

to better credit fast! Our cost will more than pay for itself with the reduced interest rates

that you will be able to qualify for once the credit repair process and possible debt

reduction is complete. As important, we will work to help you get approved for the

financing you are seeking.


New You offers a variety of uniquely effective solutions to common financial problems. 

Once we review your financial situation, issues and goals, we will tell you which services

we recommend for your specific situation, and where you should start.