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Financial Education

Have you ever had a friend, relative or neighbor who seemed to have more

financial freedom than you, even though her income was the same or less than yours? Chances are, she knew something you didn’t –

New You can let you in on a number of saving secrets, so you can enjoy the

same financial freedom and security. 

Ever wonder how to decide to buy or lease a car, how to save for retirement, decide on mortgage paying options, which credit cards to pay off first, how to pay off your debt or other financial decisions?

As part of our services, we include a number of financial tools such as a budget workbook, family finance planner, budget calculators, loan repayment calculators and compounding savings calculators. To access these tools please Fill out form.



If you do not have a household budget, you need to create one. This will tell you how much you spend, in which areas, and how much (if any) you have left over at the end of the month to put towards paying off debt or towards financial goals such as education, retirement, buying a home, and the like.


Whether you are wondering how to rebuild your credit, considering bankruptcy, or curious about how to improve your FICO score through Credit Repair, or just saving money, the answers are all available to you here.


Interest on debt can become a huge expense if not managed properly. New You can help you manage your debt so that you stay out of trouble and pay the least amount possible, whether than means debt settlement, consumer credit counseling, or a reallocation of resources or a rapid debt pay down program.


Not only do we offer individualized credit coaching, but we also provide free ongoing credit education on our Blog.

Once we review your financial situation, issues and goals, we will tell you which services we recommend for your specific situation, and where you should start.

Calculating Budget
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