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IdentityIQ helps you determine if you need fraud alerts. Using fraud alerts requires creditors, lenders, and other users of your credit report to verify your identity before they can issue new credit, arrange loans or create new accounts for utilities and other financial institutions.



3 Bureau Credit Report & Scores 

$25,000 ID Theft Insurance.

Credit Score Simulator which offers you insight into the various elements that

affect your credit score and guides you in making responsible financial decisions.

Checking Account Report 

US-based ID Fraud Restoration

Platinum Savings

Fraud Alert Assistance

Lost Wallet Form & Assistance

Discounted Additional Reports & Scores 

IQ Center


  • Auto Buying Service and Maintenance Discounts – A service to buy, sell, or trade a new or used car. Fleet pricing will save program members money on new cars while the New and Used Car Valuations will help them get favorable pricing when buying, selling or trading a used car. Program members will also receive special discounts on car repairs and maintenance. Auto service centers are located across the country at more than 10,000 locations.

  • Vision Plan – Program members will save money when they purchase eyewear with the Vision Plan*. They will enjoy savings up to 30% or more on eyeglasses, contacts and non-prescription sunglasses at over 12,000 nationwide optical providers.  They’ll receive their discount at the time of purchase. Program members can also save 10% to 30% or more on eye exams and surgical procedures including PRK and LASIK through a national network of ophthalmologists, where available. Program members and their family may use the Vision Plan* benefits as often as they like.  *Medical Discounts are not insurance.

  • Discount Movie Tickets – Available through Savers Club® Book, program members can enjoy discounted prices on the purchase of movie tickets at major theatre chains.

  • Everyday Grocery Savings – Program members enjoy savings on grocery items that are used every day. The program entitles members to five hundred dollars worth of grocery coupons annually. Choose from a list of 1,000 coupons.

  • Key Ring Protection – Everyone loses keys, and program members will like the confidentiality of this free service. Key rings are engraved with a unique registration number, thus protecting the owner’s privacy. The finder is instructed to drop the keys in any mailbox and they will be returned free of charge.

  • Luggage Protection – Lost, stolen or misplaced luggage can ruin any trip or holiday. Members who register for Luggage Protection are assured that their luggage, when found, will be returned. The personal luggage protection tag instructs baggage handlers, hotel clerks, taxi drivers, or anyone who finds the luggage to call the Luggage Protection toll-free number. Upon verification of the registered number, the Customer Service Center will make an immediate call to the member informing him/her of the whereabouts of the luggage and how to recover it.

  • Online Local Savings –Program members can save money at their favorite local merchants with thousands of online discounts.  Members enjoy access to savings on recreation, dining, attractions, auto and home services, clothing and other merchandise, and more.

  • Rx Advantage™ Prescription Drug Program with Nations Health Medical Supply Pharmacy* – Program members receive discount pricing on prescription medications up to 50 – brand name and generic – at participating pharmacies nationwide. Program members also have access to savings up to 15% off the average retail price of diabetes testing products with Nations Health Medical Supply Pharmacy. *Medical Discounts are not insurance.

  • Savers Club®– Program members can save hundreds of dollars on offers nationwide.  With the value-packed Savers Club® Book, program members can save up to 50% on regular-priced room rates at over 4,400 participating lodging properties worldwide. This free book also features money-saving offers good for theme park admission, movie tickets, car rentals, dining, entertainment, retail services and much, much more.


Credit Score Tracking plots your credit score on a graph each month so you can see trends over time. You can also set a personal credit score goal, access expert tips to achieve it, and monitor your progress. Checking Account Report An excellent complement to our suite of credit products. The Checking Account Report offers you insight into the various elements that affect your credit score and guides you in making responsible financial decisions. If any of your checking accounts have been reported to the Chex System for unpaid fees, overdrawn accounts, suspected fraud, or any other reason, a flagged account can be a strong indication of fraudulent activity.

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