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Welcome to New You Financial Services


New You Financial Services, as our tag line “Let Us Show You The Way To Financial Freedom” suggests, offers Consumer Credit Restoration via New You Credit Repair.  

New You has the know-how, the experience and the persistence to get results. We have been in business since 2006. We know the details of the consumer credit laws, and how to use them to hold the credit reporting agencies and creditors accountable.



Most people who try to repair their own credit scores quickly become discouraged when they realize the process can often take months of unrelenting effort. Many who try on their own simply give up and stop trying. Knowing that this is often the case, the bureaus frequently employ delaying tactics as well, to discourage you from pursuing the process. The creditors who are reporting the negative listings on your credit report count on this fatigue and frustration  to stop you in your tracks. But, when New You Credit Repair enters the picture, things start to happen. Because we know the rules of the game, we make the bureaus and creditors play by the rules and we are relentless in our attempt to get your credit profile back on the right track. – Beware of Discouragement: Get Professional Help .

As with everything else in modern life, it’s all about efficiency. We are constantly working to improve our systems to make them more effective and more efficient for you. Because we aren’t emotionally involved, we can see what needs to be done more clearly, and we can do it more efficiently than you ever could.

Now, more than ever, credit is a crucial part of your overall financial security. Don’t allow credit bureau and creditor mistakes on your credit file cost you money. New You Credit Repair is your advocate in the fight for legal, fair and accurate credit reporting. Contact New You today and we will help make sure that your credit report and scores accurately reflect who you really are.

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