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Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Your credit score has a dramatic impact on many aspects of your life. , Your credit scores dictate what credit you are eligible to receive and at what interest rate you will pay for that credit. Due to the importance of your credit profile and scores, it is critical to safeguard. Here are a few tips to accomplish this: Monitor Your Credit It is important to periodically check your credit reports. This can help you find errors and more quickly detect and solve a problem. Many people make the mistake of not checking their credit reports until they get turned down for a loan or a credit card.Waiting for this to occur can delay your ability to achieve your goal. The recent Equifax breach has made this even more important in that it is likely that your credit information is in the hands of the hackers. If they try to use your information to open accounts in your name you want to catch it quickly. Contact Equifax and place a freeze on your credit to make sure that does not happen. Credit monitoring is available through a variety of websites and apps. Do not forget that you have the right to one free credit report a year from each of the major credit bureaus ( Seek Expert Assistance Just as you can change the oil in your car yourself or do your own taxes, most people pay professionals to do so, Some financial issues are too complicated to deal with on your own. Fix Inaccuracies A credit restoration specialist can help you evaluate your credit situation and help you improve it. Visit our website and request a free consultation. ( You have the right to challenge inaccurate information on your credit profile. Studies show that 20 percent of Americans have reporting errors on their credit report. If you do not correct these mistakes, they will likely go uncorrected and negatively impact your scores. Your credit professional knows the laws that will help you accomplish your credit goals. Set up Automatic Paymentss Since your payment history has the largest impact on your credit scores (35% as per FICO) paying bills on time is paramount. Setting up automatic payments based on your pay schedule can ensure that your bills are always paid on time. Revolving credit utilization (30% of your FICO score)should be under 30 percent of your limit, if at all possible. Keep applications for additional credit to a minimum (10% of FICO score)

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