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Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Getting a credit card might seem impossible if your credit is poor, but the truth is there are opportunities for just about everyone. Some credit card companies target people with less-than-perfect credit with the intention of helping them rebuild their credit profile. By doing so, they rightly feel that they can make them long-term loyal customers. If you are someone with bad credit and you are looking for a card that will help you get back on track, what should you expect to be available for you?

Secured Cards

Secure credit cards offer protection for you and the credit card company. The card issuer is protected by the security deposit you provide for the card. For instance, you pay $1000 in collateral and receive a “credit line” of $1000. In reality they are lending you your own money, but you are also able to practice being a responsible credit card user and this will help you build your scores. Go to our website and find a number of secured card options.

What features in a card should you be looking for?

Education Programs that Help You Build Better Credit

Credit card companies understand that it is challenging to maintain good credit and they want to help customers learn how to do it better. After all, this is what keeps them in business! Utilizing a card that also offers a financial fitness program is a great way to learn how to be responsible with credit and to make the most of your borrowing opportunity. For additional educational opportunities, see our BLOG and or ask us to be placed on our educational email series (

Credit Tracking

Credit report tracking tools makes it easy and convenient to keep track of your credit score. Not only is this smart for helping you manage your credit usage, it can also be motivating to see your score improving as you do so. We recommend the use of a monthly monitoring service (see our website) where you can track your credit usage, get notified of any changes and has an ID theft component as well as other ancillary benefits.

Room for Improvement

If you are using your credit wisely, eventually you will be able to upgrade to a unsecured credit card.Try to get an unsecured card that will allow you to upgrade and maintain a consistent record of credit concerning that card. It is the best way to improve your score over time.

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